Changes to the Code of Civil Procedure

As of September 22, 2016, the following sections of the California Code of Civil Procedure were changed: CCP 129  (Regarding obtaining copies of coroner photos for use in a civil action.) CCP 2025.280  (Regarding subpoenas for electronically stored information.) CCP  2034.415  (Regarding an expert’s deadline to produce documents requested in a depo notice.)   Section 129 of […]

So Here’s The Full Opinion on Today’s Ruling on Gay Marriage Cases

You can download the Supreme Court’s Opinion in the case of United States v. Windosr which ruled on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Download

Absolute Risk vs. Relative Risk in Personal Injury Lawsuits

This article discusses how the concepts of Absolute and Relative Risk can be used in a courtroom to prove a plaintiff’s injuries.

New Case Involving Attorney Work Product: Coito v. Superior Court

The following case is published below with my own commentary added in the blue fields. Coito v. Superior Court (State of California) (2012) , Cal.4th [No. S181712. June 25, 2012.] DEBRA COITO, Petitioner, v. THE SUPERIOR COURT OF STANISLAUS COUNTY, Respondent; STATE OF CALIFORNIA, Real Party in Interest. (Superior Court of Stanislaus County, No. 624500, […]

What Is The Most Dangerous Time to Drive?

Some days and times are more dangerous to be on the road than other. Read to find out the most dangerous days and times to drive, and be safe out there!