Top 6 Tricks Insurance Companies Use on Injured People

When you are injured, the insurance companies that represent the at-fault party have come up with a whole bag of tricks that they use to try to minimize your injury, so they can minimize the amount that they have to pay. They use these tricks everywhere from the initial phone call all the way through trial.

Be on the look out for these tricks and logical fallacies the next time that you have to deal with an unscrupulous insurance company.

New Procedure for Picking Arbitrators in Sacramento County

SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO WWW.SACCOURT.CA.GOV PUBLIC NOTICE Changes to the Arbitrator Selection Process Effective July 03, 2013 (Amended June 19, 2013) Effective July 03, 2013, the process of selecting an Arbitrator must be completed via the Internet by using an online form. The telephone call-in selection process will no longer be available. […]

Can Defense Doctors Take a Medical History at Defense Medical Examinations

In personal injury cases, the defense attorney is allowed to hire a doctor to examine the plaintiff and offer medical opinions at trial. Much like the doctors hired by the tobacco industry that routinely find that smoking is harmless, these “defense doctors” are routinely hired by the same defense firms and insurance companies, and routinely […]

Sacramento Court Civil Filing Guidelines

(Rev February 22, 2013) CIVIL FRONT FILING COUNTER The Civil Front Filing Counter ONLY accepts the following documents for filing: Application for Discovery Subpoena – Out of State Application and Order for Appearance and Examination Claim Opposing Forfeiture Ex Parte Applications with a Hearing Date Labor Commissioner Appeals Law and Motion Documents (Dept 53/Dept 54) […]

Absolute Risk vs. Relative Risk in Personal Injury Lawsuits

This article discusses how the concepts of Absolute and Relative Risk can be used in a courtroom to prove a plaintiff’s injuries.

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Limiting Depositions to Seven Hours

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill Limiting Depositions to Seven Hours By Auto Accident Lawyer Noah Schwinghamer According to this press release from CAOC, Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB 1875 – A bill designed to limit depositions in most cases to seven hours. This bill was backed by consumer’s rights groups such as CAOC and […]

Understanding the Physics of Car Crashes

Understanding the Physics of Car Crashes By Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Noah Schwinghamer The following is a great video on understanding the physics of car crashes that I wanted to share.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Gives Interviews on Legal Writing

Anthony Kennedy is arguably the most influential member of the current U.S. Supeme Court. Kennedy is often the majority vote in many 5/4 decision.

New California Court Filing Fees

This link shows the new court fees highlighted in yellow. Of note, the fee for filing a Complaint or Answer for a civil lawsuit in California has risen once again.  The new fee is $435.00.

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