(Rev February 22, 2013)


The Civil Front Filing Counter ONLY accepts the following documents for filing:
  • Application for Discovery Subpoena – Out of State
  • Application and Order for Appearance and Examination
  • Claim Opposing Forfeiture
  • Ex Parte Applications with a Hearing Date
  • Labor Commissioner Appeals
  • Law and Motion Documents (Dept 53/Dept 54)
  • Law and Motion Documents
  • Presiding Judge
  • New Complaints with Notice of Pendency of Action
  • New Complaints with TRO
  • New Complaint for Unlawful Detainer (Commercial)
  • Petition To Allow Late Claim, for Relief from GC 945 or 946.6
  • Petition for Approval for Transfer of Structured Settlement Payment Rights
  • Petition for Assignment of Case number (Claim for Uninsured Motorist)
  • Petition for Change of Name or Gender Change (Wednesdays Onlyat the specified window)
  • Petition to Confirm, Correct, Vacate or Compel Arbitration
  • Petition for Voter Registration and any related subsequent documents
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Request To Set Case for Trial (UD – 150)
  • Writs of Election and any related subsequent documents
  • Writs of Mandate and any related subsequent documents
  • Court Reporter/Jury Fees
  • Civil Case Related Fees without accompanying documents


All Civil documents except those listed below may be placed in the Civil Drop Boxes located in the Room 102 lobby.
(These documents are NOT to be placed in the Civil Room 102 drop box)
  • Complex Cases
  • Civil Case Management Statements
  • Civil Trial and Post-Trial Motions
  • All motions, oppositions and replies for the following:
    • Motions in Limine
    • Motion for Judgment Not Withstanding the Verdict
    • Notice of Intent to Move for New Trial
    • Motion for New Trial
    • Any other documents as ordered by the Judge


(These documents are NOT to be placed in the Civil Room 102 drop box)
Civil Appeals Documents Must be filed at the Civil Appeals counter in Room 101
The Below Listed Documents shall be filed directly in the Law and Motion Lobby when there is a pending law and motion matter on calendar:
  • Request for Continuance Letter
  • Request/Motion to Continue
  • Notice of Dropping and Pending Matter