Not all districts have completed reporting, but as of this post, here are the election results and proposition results for California’s November 2, 2010 election:

Election Results

GovernorJerry Brown (D) 53.8% ||  Meg Whitman (R) (41.2%)

Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom (D) 50.2% ||  Abdel Maldonado (R) 39.4%

Attorney GeneralKamala D. Harris (D) 46.1% ||  Steve Cooley (R) 45.6%

U.S. SenateBarbara Boxer (D) 52.1% ||  Carly Fiorina 42.5%

Proposition Results

Proposition 19: NO on legalizing marijuana.

Proposition 20YES on Redistricting of Congressional Districts

Proposition 21NO on state park funding.

Proposition 22YES on prohibiting state from taking some local funds.

Proposition 23NO on suspending state air pollution laws (AB 32).

Proposition 24NO on repeal allowance of lower business tax liability.

Proposition 25YES on simple majority vote to pass budget.

Proposition 26YES on 2/3 vote for some state and local fees.

Proposition 27NO on eliminate state redistricting commission.