On October 19, 2010 Arnold Schwarzenegger signed California’s Budget Act of 2010.  Part of this act included provisions raising lawsuit filing fees.

Normally, a bill becomes a law on January 1st of the year after it was signed.  However, this particular bill contained an urgency clause, meaning it came into effect upon signature – October 19, 2010.

Click here for the Sacramento Court website’s pdf on the new fees.  According the the Sacramento court, the fees become effective November 01, 2010.

These increases fees will increase the cost of filing a personal injury lawsuit in Sacramento, California.

Some of the new fees are as follows:

  • Complaints – $395.00 (up from $355.00)
  • Answers – $395.00 (up from $355.00)
  • Limited Complaints – $370.00 (up from $330.00)
  • Motion Requiring a Hearing – Still $40.00