Top 10 iPhone / iPad Apps for Lawyers

For any lawyers that actually decide to get an iPad after reading my post on iPads for lawyers, here are some useful iPad apps for lawyers:

Netter’s Anatomy

Price:  $39.99.

Description:  It’s important for personal injury lawyers to understand how the body works, as we have to understand a variety of different injuries. Netters provides great full-color medical illustrations that can be used for presentations, or to help you understand the mechanics behind your clients’ personal injuries.


Price:  Free.

Description:  FastCase is an online legal research app.  This free app searches case law, but since the searches are online, it’s not the fastest way to do your research.

Date Calc

Price:  Free or $4.99 depending on version.

Description:  This utility will calculate the days (or business days) between two points.  Very handy for looking up motion or filing dates.  If you are a Sacramento attorney, don’t forget furlough days though!  For $0.99 Court Days does the same thing, except it includes court holidays and includes some other features for attorneys.

California Law

Price: $4.99.

Description:  All the laws in California, including the code of civil procedure, evidence code, civil code, penal code and more.  As a Sacramento Injury Attorney, this app is invaluable.  It’s true, even without this app, you can find all California laws online for free, but it’s nice to have them in one place and in a searchable format without the delay or uncertainty of online browsing.

Drop Box

Price:  Free.

Description:  This free program lets you store 2 gigs (or more if you pay) of files that can be accessed from any computer, web browser, iPhone, or iPad.  It’s extremely useful for lawyers to be able to access their files from anywhere.

Keynote and Keynote Remote

Price: $9.99.

Description:  This App is essentially PowerPoint for the Mac.  This is a great presentation tool if you use a Mac at your law office, however, if you still use PowerPoint, you might NOT want to invest in the Keynote app, unless you are willing to compose your presentations on the iPad itself.   The remote lets you use you iPhone or iPad to move from slide to slide.

Good Reader

Cose:  $0.99.

Description:  The reality of the legal practice is that lawyers spend a lot of time reading documents saved in pdf format.  This is a great, cheap, pdf reader.  You can also link it up to your drop box account (discussed above) to access documents online.

Aji Annotate

Cost:  $4.99

Description:  Like I said above, lawyers love pdfs.  If you actually want to mark up your pdf documents, I reccomend the Aji Anotate app.  This app lets you jot down notes on normally un-editable pfs.

Dragon Dictation

Cost:  Free.

Description:  This free app converts speech to text.  Great for attorneys with fat fingers!

Black’s Law Dictionary

Price:  $49.99

Dictionary:  I can’t justify spending $49.99 on this app when you can probably get most of the information it contains for free by doing a Google search, but I am sure some attorneys would find this app useful.

Noah Schwinghamer is a Sacramento Injury Lawyer who is interested in law and technology.

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