Top 6 Tricks Insurance Companies Use on Injured People

When you are injured, the insurance companies that represent the at-fault party have come up with a whole bag of tricks that they use to try to minimize your injury, so they can minimize the amount that they have to pay. They use these tricks everywhere from the initial phone call all the way through trial.

Be on the look out for these tricks and logical fallacies the next time that you have to deal with an unscrupulous insurance company.

Insurance Company Rewards Employees With Orgy

According to reports published by the BBC, the huge insurance company Munich Re rewarded 100 of its best insurance agents by sending them to a massive orgy. According to the report, the employees were taken to thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary, where 20 prostitutes awaited them.  The prostitutes wore color-coded arm bands, indicating their availability, […]

Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions Inc. – Full Opinion

(1) Was Hanif correct that a tort plaintiff can recover only what has been paid or incurred for medical care, even if that is less than the reasonable value of the services rendered? (2) Even if Hanif, which involved Medi-Cal payments, reached the right result on its facts, does its logic extend to plaintiffs covered by private insurance? (3) Does limiting the plaintiff’s recovery to the amounts paid and owed on his or her behalf confer a windfall on the tortfeasor, defeating the policy goals of the collateral source rule? (4) Is the difference between the providers’ full billings and the amounts they have agreed to accept from a patient’s insurer as full payment—what the appellate court below called the “negotiated rate differential”—a benefit the patient receives from his or her health insurance policy subject to the collateral source rule? We address these questions below.

Whiplash Injuries – What are They?

Whiplash Injuries Whiplash Injuries are a common injury that can result from car crashes.  If you have been in a car accident, you may experience feelings of pain and stiffness in your neck immediately after, or even beginning a few days after the accident.  You may have experienced a whiplash type injury. How Whiplash Injuries […]

What Are the Different Types of Auto Insurance in California?

  Auto Insurance companies have mastered the art of marketing their products.  I would love to have a pet gecko that spoke with a charming cockney accent, and I must admit, Flo from those progressive commercials is strangely alluring.   But insurance companies do a lousy job of explaining what it is that they actually sell. […]